PubHlth 1: Principles of Public Health
Introduces the major concepts and principles of public health and the determinants of health status in communities. Emphasizes the ecological model that focuses on the linkages and relationships among multiple natural and social determinants affecting health. (in classroom and also online)


PubHlth 2: Case Studies in Public Health Practice
Presents case studies in various themes of public health practice to demonstrate how the principles of public health were established and continue to evolve.


PubHlth 120: Nutrition and Global Health
Global issues related to nutrition and public health. Evaluation of nutritional risk factors associated with the development of chronic diseases and the role of nutritional medicine in prevention. Topics include food safety, communicable diseases, supplements, and regulatory issues.


PubHlth 121: Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Examines health and disease in contemporary American culture and society with definitions, models, and practices of what has come to be known as “orthodox” or “conventional” medicine. Selected “alternative” or “complementary” modes of promoting health and well-being including homeopathy, herbology, and chiropractic.


PubHlth 148: Public Health Communication
This course covers the theoretical underpinnings and practical applications of communication sciences in public health messaging. Students will learn to  identify and evaluate skills and techniques of effective communication used in various aspects of public health, including: emergency preparedness; fear appeal and deterrence; social marketing; public-private partnerships; mass vaccination; regular preventive health check-ups; health service delivery; and maximizing information reach in rural and urban planning, and for international, global health strategies.


PubHlth 147: Drug Abuse and its Prevention
Theoretical and practical underpinnings of drug abuse and its prevention at the individual and population levels. Students will practice developing drug abuse prevention schemes for specific populations. Recent developments in pharmacological and bio-behavioral theories of drug dependence will be explored.


PubHlth 127: Public Health Programs for the Corporate Health
International perspectives on workplace health promotion. Strategies for developing programs to improve employee health and to decrease risks of chronic degenerative diseases. Case studies include assessment of employee health, program design, implementation, and evaluation. Emphasis on disease prevention. (only online class)

Please note: for online classes –  There are no meetings in the classroom. Audio-lectures, Power Points presentations, additional readings, web-links, study materials, assignments and exams are online. Communication with instructor is by e-mail, on discussion board at the class website, over the phone and over Skype. All assignments are submitted, graded and returned at the class website.

PubHlth 198: Directed studies
Currently topic:
Stop Diabetes in cooperation with ADA (American Diabetes Association)

Who may be interested:
Students in Public Health Major, Public Health Minor, members of PHA, students interested in health, public health, public health promotion and intervention, public health consultations, public health communication, public health policy, writing grants for Public Health programs, and all students who would like to know more about public health, community health, health literacy, nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, disease prevention, environmental health, culture and public health etc.

Students will be continuously involved in:

  • Visits at ADA
  • Participate in various public health promotion and education ADA activities and events
  • Learn to develop ADA health fair
  • Learn about the state of Diabetes in Orange County
  • Learn about ADA coalition activities
  • Learn writing Grants for ADA
  • Learn how to find potential ADA donors and supporters
  • Learn public health communication within non-profit organizations and public relations
  • Learn Public Health Communication


PubHlth 199: Special Studies
Topics vary (always UROP and IRB is involved), Please see CV regarding topics.

Currently: #1: Headache Research #2: Herbal medicine in public health #3: Health & Wellness Programs Assessments and Evaluations #4: Global Health #5: Public Health Programs for the Corporate Health #6: Health literacy programs in general and for schools


Uni Stu 3:  Educating instead of Medicating in Public Health (Freshman Seminar
The goal of the seminar is to learn how to think healthy and increase the level of health literacy. Students will enjoy reading and discussing health topics that address many issues in which they are interested in or are involved with.  This seminar will transition students from passive, memorization-type learning, to an active, analytical and critical learning style with practical application for personal and public health