October 27, 2020: Congrats to Josh Gu for winning the judges award for best poster presentation at the UCI School of Med Grad Day!

October 27, 2020: Dr. Zhao was awarded the 2020 UCI Innovator of the Year Award by UCI Beall Applied Innovations! Congrats! Well deserved! 

October 14, 2020: Congratulations to Josh Gu and the U54 team for being awarded best poster presentation at the NIH NCI Cancer Systems Biology Consortium meeting!

August 27, 2020: Congratulations to Josh Gu for being awarded the Immunology NIH T32 training grant!

August 19, 2020: UCI develops low-cost, accurate COVID-19 antibody detection platform!

July 8, 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Weian Zhao for being promoted to a Full Professor rank!

March 9, 2020: Congratulations to Audrey Fung! She was accepted into the Amgen Scholars Program at UCLA!

December 18, 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Zhao for being selected as a UCI Beall Applied Innovation’s inaugural Faculty Innovation Fellow!

Aug. 29, 2019: Our collaborator, Amberstone Biosciences, received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding grant for their research and commercialization of a new immunotherapy technique that targets tumor cells. Congrats!

Aug. 24, 2019: Congratulations go out to two of our hard working graduate students, Jayapriya Jayaraman who has received a UC Drug Discovery Consortium workshop fellowship and Josh Gu who was selected for the SOM PhD Student Fellowship App Incentive Award. These awards are well deserved!

May 16, 2019: Congratulations to Ruchi Desai for winning the Dean’s Summer Research Scholarship

Jan 10, 2019: Congratulations to Morgan Kopecky, Jayapriya Jayaraman and Jan Zimak to receive the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2019 Scholar, Otto W. Shaler Scholarship, and NIH-funded ICTS TL1 Training Award, respectively

Dec 19, 2018: Congratulations to Dr. Aude Segaliny for winning the AAI Young Investigator Award for poster titled Functional immunotherapeutic screening using single-cell droplet microfluidics

Dec 19, 2018: Our talented high school intern Morgan Kopecky has been accepted to Stanford University for Early Action! Congratulations!!

Nov 6, 2018: Zhao lab receives UCI Applied Innovation Proof of Product
Grant, in collaboration with Dr. Enrico Gratton

Nov 6, 2018: Congratulations! Our new paper “Functional TCR T cell
screening using single-cell droplet microfluidics”, published at Lab on a Chip, featured in the Emerging Investigators collection. Featured in UCI NewsLab on Chip Emerging Investigators

Oct 11, 2018: Zhao lab receives UCI CFCCC/GHTF Single-cell RNA-Seq pilot award

Aug 20, 2018: Zhao lab receives NIH U54 Supplement Award, with Drs.Gratton, Lander, Waterman and Lowengrub

July 27, 2018: Congratulations to Henry Farhoodi who won pre-doctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS/NIH) Training Grant.

June 12, 2018: Congratulations to Tam Vu who won the NSF-supported Student’s Travel Award to 2018 ASME NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology (NEMB) Conference. Tam also won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

February 22, 2018: Congratulation to Linan (Jerry) Liu and Shirley Zhang whose article “Targeting Biophysical Cues: A Niche Approach to Study, Diagnose, and Treat Cancer” was accepted by Trends in Cancer in their special issue on “Physical Forces in Cancer.”

February 10, 2018: Congratulations to Aude Segaliny for winning the Tom Angell Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Fellowship for her excellent mentorship and her training of students in the lab.

October 20, 2017: The Zhao Lab receives UCI Applied Innovation Proof of Product Grant to develop rapid chemistries for detection of blood pathogens. Congrats!

August 17, 2017: Congratulations to Menglu Han in winning the 2nd place poster prize at the Moving Targets Conference hosted by AAPS-USC.

May 5, 2017: Congratulations to Linan (Jerry) LiuShirley Zhang, and the team, whose article “Mechano-Responsive Stem Cells to Target Cancer Metastases Through Biophysical Cues” was accepted by Science Translational Medicine. (UCI NewsThe ScientistGenetic Engineering and  Biotechnology News)

April 25, 2017: Congratulations to Linan (Jerry) Liu and William Wong, whose article “A Mathematical Model of Mechanotransduction Reveals How Mechanical Memory Regulates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate Decisions” was accepted by BMC Systems Biology.

March 17, 2017: Congratulations to Zhao alumni, Erika Calle, who received admission to USC PhD Program in Biomedical and Biological Sciences (PIBBS); and Victor Pham, who received 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

March 2, 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Linan (Jerry) Liu, the first PhD student graduated from Zhao lab!!

February 22, 2017: Congratulations to Reza Mohammadi, who has received the Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery Laboratory Award from the Stanford University School of Medicine and featured on UCI Samueli School of Engineering website (Collaboration Makes Perfect).

August 5, 2016: Congratulations to Claire Chen, who has just received the Society for Neuroscience fellowship award.

July 22, 2016: Watch Dr. Weian Zhao’s TED Talk on “Future Diagnostics to Combat the Global Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance” (Video).

Jun 13, 2016: Congratulations to Justin Shun and Seowon Lee in winning SURP fellowship for the Summer 2016.

Jun 1, 2016: Welcome to new members, Dr. Yiyan Li (postdoctoral fellow), Bahar Mousapour (research specialist) and Ryan Castellano (student assistant).

May 14, 2016:Dr. Weian Zhao gives TED Talk on “Future Diagnostics to Combat the Global Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance” in the TEDx UC Irvine Event. 

May 7, 2016: Congratulations to Aude in winning the best poster prize in the 2016 UCI Campuswide Symposium on Basic Cancer Biology.

May 6, 2016: Congratulations to Louai and his team in winning the 2nd place in the 2016 Business Plan Competition (campus-wide) at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business.

April 21, 2016: Congratulations to Milad in receiving an internship position in Amgen‘s therapeutic discovery division for Summer 2016.

March 29, 2016: Congratulations to Louai in receiving the prestigious NSF graduate fellowship and Edge fellowship from Stanford University to support his PhD program (featured on UCI Samueli School of Engineering website).

March 16, 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Weian Zhao in receiving the promotion to Associate Professorwith tenure.

March 4, 2016: Congratulations to Neto in receiving UCI OCEAN Graduate Student Fellowship to develop tests to study and detect environmental bacteria.

February 16, 2016: Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Microfluidics Diagnostics available. Apply now.

June 2, 2015: Congratulations to Dr. Zhao in receiving this year’s UCI Academic Senate Distinguished Assistant Professor Award for Research.

April 20, 2015: Dr. Zhao has been selected as the Young Investigator of the Year Award from UCI’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS).

April 15, 2015: Dr. Zhao has been selected as 2015 outstanding professor for UCI Anthology’s 50th Anniversary Yearbook.

April 9, 2015: Zhao lab receives a $5 million R01 grant from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on Antimicrobial Resistance Diagnostics Projects (NIH NewsUCI NewsWorldJournal).

February 4, 2015: Zhao lab receives a grant from Lymedisease.org to develop a better test for Lyme diseases.

January 28, 2015:IC 3D technology was highlighted in Lab on a Chip: Research highlights: microfluidic analysis of antimicrobial susceptibility.

April 15, 2014. Congrats to George Polovin who has accepted an offer from University of Colorado, Boulder for pursuing PhD.

April 14, 2014 : Dr. Zhao discusses the use of bone marrow stem cells to help patients recover from stroke. Click here to read the article.

February 23, 2014 : A very warm welcome to our new Project Scientist, Wenbin Liao !

January 21, 2014:  Congratulations to Eline Kocharyan who received a UROP Research Grant!

January 20, 2014:  Louai Labanieh receives a UROP Research Grant! Congratulations Louai!

December 12, 2013:  A warm welcome to our new Project Scientist, Dr. Ej Pone!

December 9, 2013: Welcome Janae Bustos, our new Junior Specialist!

December 2, 2013:  Zhao lab receives seed grant from UCI’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Congratulations!

September 03, 2013: Welcome George Polovin, our new CIRM Scholar Intern!

August 27, 2013: New postdoc Dr. Feng Li joined the lab, Welcome!

August 9, 2013: Zhao lab receives a 2013 Translational Discovery Grant from UCI’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. Congratulations!

August 8, 2013: The Zhao lab invites PVJOBS Positive Pathways Program participants to visit the lab for the afternoon.

July 24, 2013: Congratulations to Dongku who has won two CCBS Opportunity Awards to develop novel engineered tools to interrogate complex biology.

July 13, 2013: Congratulations to Jerry, Mark, Milad, and Dongku whose review paper “From Blood to the Brain: Can Systemically ,Transplanted Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier?” has been accepted for publication at Stem Cells International.

June 30, 2013: Dr. Zhao receives the Hellman Fellowship. Congratulations.

June 21, 2013: Rangoli Aeran has joined the lab. Welcome!

June 14, 2013: Mark, Priscilla, Kaixiang, Dongku and Ali’s review paper” Novel Molecular And Nanosensors For In Vivo Sensing” was accepted to publish at Theranostics, the top journal in the field. Congratulations!!