I’m New


  • Lab Google Drive
  • Lab Slack
  • Weekly Goals template

Safety Training

  • Take the lab safety tour (binder section 4)
  • Read and sign Chemical Hygiene Plan (binder section 6)
  • Read and sign Standard Operating Procedures for chemicals, BSL2 room (tab-marked in binder)
  • Take online trainings at http://uclc.uci.edu/
    • Online safety assessment
    • Lab Safety Fundamentals
    • Hazardous Waste

Checklist for new undergrads

  • Submit Bio 199 Proposal by 2nd Friday of the quarter. A few days before the due date, send a complete draft to Dr. Whiteson
  • Complete Safety Training (see above)
  • Sign up for topic and date to submit your molecule/microbe of the month (M.O.M.) article
  • Complete lab chore training