Amelia C. Regan
Professor of Computer Science and Transportation Systems Engineering
Bren Hall 4068, Irvine CA 92697
949 824-2611, aregan at

I was the founding Director of the Master of Computer Science Program
The MCS program is a practically oriented four quarter program with an optional summer internship (Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer Internship-Fall) which complements our research oriented MSCS and PhD programs in Computer Science. More than ninety percent of our second class (Fall 2019) had secured excellent jobs before graduation. Professor Ray Klefstad took over as Director in Fall, 2018. For more information see:

I was the Director of the Transportation Science MS, PhD Programs from 2015-2018
The Interdisciplinary (Engineering, Economics, Urban Planning and Computing) Programs in Transportation Science complement our discipline specific MS and PhD programs in Transportation Engineering, Economics, Urban Planning and Computer Science which also allow students to focus on Transportation and Logistics problems. Transportation Science is a STEM approved program for the purposes of CPT and OPT for international students.

Professional Bio

My research interests include cyber physical transportation systems, dynamic and stochastic network optimization, parallel and distributed combinatorial optimization, optimal contracting, on-line advertising, logistics systems analysis, freight transportation planning, technology adoption in transportation, machine learning tools for temporal-spatial data analysis, congestion pricing, and technologies to improve the safety, comfort and convenience of pedestrians and disabled travelers.

Since 1997, my research has been supported various sources including the National Science Foundation, the Transportation Research Board and JB Hunt Inc., and has been published in more than 150 refereed journal articles and conference proceedings papers in Journals including (among others) IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Network, IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Transportation Research (A, B, C and E), Transportation Science, Operations Research and INFOR. I received an NSF CAREER award in 1999. 

My first appointment at UCI was in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering but I moved after eight years to the Department of Computer Science.  I was the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences from 2006-2009.

I have also taught short courses at the Athens University of Business and Economics and the Technical University of Denmark.

Prior to joining the PhD program at the University of Texas I worked as a research engineer, software engineer and operations research analyst for the Association of American Railroads and United Parcel Service.

I served on a four year National Research Council Study to Assess Fuel Economy Technologies for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles Phase II from March 2013 to February 2017. This was an exceptionally interesting study examining how new and existing fuels and new and existing technologies for trucks, buses and vocational vehicles, as well as related governmental rule-making efforts, will impact future fuel consumption for this sector and its impact on the environment. I prefer not to mix politics with teaching, but I am strongly opposed to the rollbacks of environmental rules under the current administration. The fact that automotive and truck manufacturers and some oil and gas producers are opposing these rollbacks sends a strong message. Most credible scientists believe that the physical signs and socio-economic impacts of climate change are accelerating, and that the US has played an out-sized role in that acceleration due to our advanced economy which brings with it significant consumption and greenhouse gas production.


BAS Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

MS Applied Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University

MSE, PhD Civil (Transportation Systems) Engineering, University of Texas

Beliefs about Advising Students

I have been blessed to work with some outstanding students at all levels — this includes high school freshman through post doctoral researchers.

My PhD students have been in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Transportation Science and Networked Systems, and have taken faculty jobs in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Logistics, Management and Marketing Departments. The rest work in the IT and Transportation and Logistics industries. I have worked with students from many countries and cultures as well as many US states. My PhD group currently includes two women and two African-American students. I am deeply committed to increasing diversity in CS and Engineering and to “Inclusive Excellence” (a term our chancellor likes to use).

Current and Former PhD Students

1. Xiubin Wang (Ph.D, December 2000), Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University, Dissertation: Dynamic and stochastic carrier fleet management: Application to local truckload trucking operations

2. Xiangwen Lu (Ph.D, September, 2001), Business Analyst, Cisco, Dissertation: Dynamic and Stochastic Routing Optimization: Algorithm Development and Performance Analysis

3. Jiongjiong (John) Song (PhD, June 2003), Team Lead, AECOM, Austin Texas, Dissertation: Optimal strategies in combinatorial auctions: The case of freight transportation contracting

4. Minyoung Park (PhD, December, 2005), Professor, Inha University, South Korea. Dissertation: Capacity analysis for large scale freight transportation systems

5. Srinivas Nandiraju  (PhD, March, 2006),  VP, Supply Chain Optimization & Data Science, Blume Global

6. Choong Heon Yang (PhD, March, 2008), Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Dissertation Research: A Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Prioritizing Potential Alternative Truck Management Strategies

7. Pruttipong (Palm) Apivatanagul (PhD, Fall 2008), Lead Data Scientist, T.N. Inc., Bangkok Thailand, Dissertation Research: Network Design Formulations, Modeling, and Solution Algorithms for Strategic Planning Long Haul Freight Movements

8. Jiana-Fu (Jeff) Wang (PhD, Fall, 2008) Associate Professor, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan,  Dissertation Research: Optimization of large scale cross docking operations

9. Mei-Ting (May) Tsai (PhD, Fall, 2009) Associate Professor, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, Dissertation Research: A real-options approach to freight transportation derivatives contract development

10. Joseph Chow (PhD March, 2010), Assistant Professor, New York University, Dissertation Research: Network Design Under Uncertainty using a Real Options Approach

11. Rex Chen (PhD Fall, 2010), Director of Engineering, INTEL, Santa Clara, CA, Dissertation Research: Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

12. James Benvenuto (PhD, Fall 2010), Senior R&D Engineer, Smart Action, Los Angeles, Dissertation Research: Epitaxis A System for Deductive and Constructive Program Queries

13. Di Wu (PhD, Winter 2013), Associate Professor of Computer Science, Hunan University, China, Dissertation Research: Location Based Services in Vehicular Networks

14. Tianbing Xu (PhD, Fall 2013), Research Scientist, Engineer, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA, Dissertation Research: Online Advertising: A Large Scale Computing Perspective

15. Dmitri Arkhipov (PhD, Summer 2016) Software Development Consultant, Dissertation Research: Computational Models for Scheduling in Online Advertising

16. Scott Godfrey (PhD, Fall 2016), Engineer, Google, Dissertation Research: Cross-System Runtime Prediction of Parallel Applications on Multi-Core Processors

17. Karina Hermawan (PhD, Summer 2018), Post Doc, MIT Singapore (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) Dissertation Research, Transportation Network Companies and their Impacts on Congestion

18. Reza Asadi (PhD Winter 2019), Neural Network Models for Spatio-Temporal Data Forecasting and Analysis, still finalizing plans.

Amari Lewis (PhD expected, 2021), Dissertation Research, Technologies to improve the lives of disabled pedestrians and users of public transit. Amari is a 2018-2021 NSF GRFP Fellow. Advanced to candidacy, June 2019

Dalal Alharthi (PhD expected, 2020), Dissertation Research, Developing Effective Social Engineering Security Policies (SESPs): An Empirical Study, Advanced to Candidacy, November 2019.

Julius “Caesar” Aguma (PhD expected, 2023), Dissertation Research, Auction Mechanism Design for Congestion Pricing.

My twin, Alison Regan, is the Associate University Librarian for Public Services at UCI