WordPress 4.8

We have updated Faculty Websites to the latest version of WordPress 4.8.1. It is the latest major release and brings some new improvements.


New Media Widgets

WordPress 4.8 introduces some great new media widgets that will make it easy to embed images, video and audio into sidebars and other widget areas.

Image Widget

We have had an Image Widget plugin site enabled for some time. However, now WordPress includes one that does not require a plugin. We will likely retire the plugin in the future, so try out the new version. It is simply called “Image” in your widget toolbox.
Image Widget

 Visual Editor in Text Widget

The earlier versions of the Text widget were just a plain text area. If you wanted to format the text, you needed to use HTML. Now with 4.8, you have basic formatting like Bold, Italic, Add Link, Bullet Lists, and Numbered Lists. You can still switch to the text editor to add HTML manually.

4.8 Text Widget