Feature Wish List

Do you wish Faculty Websites had more features? We hear you! Take our wish list poll and vote on features you would like to see. Continue Reading Feature Wish List

Register for TechnoExpo

TechnoExpo, the campuswide technology event for faculty and staff on October 9, will highlight the many products and services available at UCI that can help enhance your work and address your unique needs and interests in technology. Register today! Continue Reading Register for TechnoExpo

Slideshow Plugin Retirement

We plan to retire our Slideshow plugin in the next few months. We will be reaching out to sites actively using it and helping them transition to a new method of building slideshows. Continue Reading Slideshow Plugin Retirement

WordPress 5.2.1 Maintenance Release

UCI Sites has been updated to WordPress 5.2.1. This is a maintenance release fixing 33 bugs including improvements to the block editor, accessibility, and the Site Health feature. Continue Reading WordPress 5.2.1 Maintenance Release

Free Stock Photo Sites

Finding great visuals for your website can be a challenge. Do you take photos yourself, pay for stock photos, or try to find photos online? Luckily, there are several free stock photo sites where you can find stunning copyright-free visuals for your website. Continue Reading Free Stock Photo Sites

Chrome Login Bug

Recently a few people have reported having trouble logging into edit their sites when using Chrome. Using a different browser or clearing cookies seems to help. Continue Reading Chrome Login Bug

WordPress 5 and the Block Based Editor

We upgraded Faculty Websites to WordPress 5. The biggest change is the new block based editor. What is the Block Based (Gutenberg) Editor? The new block based editor can replace the classic WordPress editor, so it will be a very significant change in the way you edit the content area of posts and pages. With… Continue Reading WordPress 5 and the Block Based Editor

WordPress 5 Upgrade Coming

Faculty Websites will be updated to WordPress 5 on April 16, 2019. WordPress 5 includes a new block based editor that you can turn on when you are ready. Continue Reading WordPress 5 Upgrade Coming

EZ Columns Retirement

To complete our upgrade to WordPress 5, we need to retire the EZ Columns plugin. We have an optional plugin called Beaver Builder which is a powerful page builder plugin that makes creating columns easy. We plan to retire the plugin on April 12th. We’re here to help in the transition. Continue Reading EZ Columns Retirement

WordPress 5 and Gutenberg

The next major release of WordPress is version 5.0. This update will bring big changes to the way you edit content with the new¬†Gutenberg editor. The Gutenberg editor is a new tool using blocks to create engaging content. With blocks you will be ale to insert, rearrange and style multimedia content without needing a lot… Continue Reading WordPress 5 and Gutenberg