Meet Our Past Students

 Thank you to each and every past member of the Jafari Lab. We are where we are today because of every student's diligence and hard work. We only hope for the best in everyone's bright futures!

Class of 2018

Anna Xu
Dara Kiani
Hanh Pham
Howard Phang
Jasmin Arabit
Sereen Suleiman

Class of 2017

Alex Le
Amanda Woodbury
Bryant Avalos
Cristian Gonzalez
Eric Labachyan
Nowshin Tabassum
Rami Elhaj

Class of 2016

Benjamin Van Nguyen
Cindy Nguyen
Julia Barbour
Rupal Golakiea
Sally Pham

Class of 2015

Hoang Pham
Mackenzie Poole
Philip Tran
Richelle Homo
Sean Hogan
Shannon Ramsden
Yerazik Tahmasian

Class of 2014

Jocelyn Huey
Miah Pollack
Naziha Hussain

Class of 2013

Beatrice Chiang
David Lu
Elyse Young
Stephanie Truong
Seven Kurumada
Teresa Tran

Class of 2012

Katheryn Salvadora
Kevin Pham
Kevin Lee
Thomas Lee
Victor Ramos
Vincent Cagonot

Class of 2010

Beina Azadgoli
Lena Hadaya
Mindy Nguyen
Nelli Ghazaryan
Zahra Nematinejad

Class of 2008

Pamela Ny

Note: If you are a Jafari Lab Alumni Student and happen to be left out of this page, or know of another student who was left out, please email to help us complete the timeline!