Long T. Bui

Assistant Professor

University of California, Irvine
School of Social Sciences
Global and International Studies Department
Social Science Tower (SST 563)
3151 Social Science Plaza
Irvine, CA 92697-5100

Contact: longb@uci.edu

Research Areas

Digital Media & Popular Culture, Vietnam and Southeast Asian Studies, Urbanism and Human Geography, Critical University Studies, Critical Refugee Studies,History and Memory, Race, Gender & Sexuality


I became an academic driven by personal questions of family formation, migration, and identity, which opened up other questions of race, militarism, and globalization. In my work and in my teaching, I recognize the organizing structural principles and social forces that connect us all across planetary networks.

Recognizing the need to expand the public university’s reach into the local community, I am the official faculty adviser to the UCI chapter of Prison Education Project (PEP). In this school of social sciences, I am on the Curriculum Advisory Committee for the Diversity, Inclusion, & Racial  Healing Ambassador Program (DIRHA), where we teach local high school students about race by bringing them to campus. I am the faculty director of Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP), a summer research-intensive program for first-gen college social science majors who want to go to graduate school.


  • MA and PhD ethnic studies (UC San Diego)
  • BA, double major in political science and Asian American studies with minor in film (UC Irvine)


  • Racism and Global Apartheid
  • Global Refugees and Stateless People
  • Global Asias and Orientalism
  • Theories from the Global South



Bui, Long T. Returns of War: South Vietnam and the Price of Refugee Memory. NYU Press, 2018.

In 1975, the country of South Vietnam fell to communism, marking a stunning conclusion to the Vietnam War. Although this former ally of the United States has vanished from the official world map, Long T. Bui maintains that its memory endures for refugees with a strong attachment to this ghost country and who are now found in various global spaces like France, the United States, Iraq/Afghanistan, and (post)socialist Vietnam. Blending ethnography, oral history, archival research, and cultural analysis, Returns of War considers how the historical legacy of a Cold War-constructed nation that only existed for twenty years is being kept alive by its dispersed stateless exiles.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters (hyperlinks to work below)

Global Vietnam and Post-Socialism

Bui, Long T. “Heteroglossia of History: Remembering the Republic of Vietnam in Contemporary Vietnamese Film,” Journal of Vietnamese Studies 14 (4): 1-40.

Bui, Long T. 2012. “Globalization and the Public Cartographies of Vietnam Idol,” positions: east asian critique 20:4: 886-910.

Global Asias and International Political Economy 

Bui, Long T.  “Monetary Orientalism: Currency Wars and the Framing of China as Global Cheater,” Global Society 33:4 (2019): 479-498.

Bui, Long T. “Global War Cities: Traces of the Militarized Past in Saigon’s Urbanized Future, Verge: Studies in Global Asias 2.1 (2016): 141-169.

Critical Refugee Studies/History and Memory

Bui, Long T. “Debts of Memory: Historical Amnesia and Refugee Knowledge,” Journal of Asian American Studies 18:1 (2015): 73-97.

Bui, Long T. “The Refugee Repertoire: Scripting the Experience of Displacement, Migration and Survival,” MELUS 41:4 (2016): 112-132.

Transnational Feminism and Digital Media

Bui, Long T. “Glorientalization: Specters of Asia and Feminized Cyborg Workers in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands,” Meridians: Feminism, Race and Transnationalism 13:1 (2015): 129-156.

Bui, Long T. 2014. “Sex Hacker: Configuring Chinese Women in the Age of Digital Penetration,” Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology 6.

Intersections of Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Media 

Bui, Long T. 2007. Letting Race and Sexuality Talk,” Essays on Brokeback Mountain. Edited by Jim Stacey. McFarland & Company, Inc., pp. 153-162.

Bui, Long T. 2014. “Breaking into the Closet: Negotiating the Queer Boundaries of Asian American Masculinity and Domesticity,” Culture, Society and Masculinities 6(2): 129-149.

Strings, Sabrina and Long T. Bui. 2014. “‘She is Not Acting, She Is’: The Conflict between Gender and Racial ‘Realness’,Journal of Feminist Studies 14:5: 1-15

Higher Education and Critical University Studies

Bui, Long T. 2016. “A Better Life: Asian Americans and the Necropolitics of Higher Education,” Critical Ethnic Studies: A Reader. Edited by Critical Ethnic Studies Collective. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Bui, Long T. “The Beauty of the Beast: Cross-Cultural Centers and Social Justice Work in Times of Educational Turmoil,” Nexus: Complicating Community and the Self. Edited by Edwina Welch et al. San Diego, CA: Cognella Press, 218-226.