About Me

As Associate Professor of Operations & Decision Technologies at The Paul Merage School of Business, my research focuses on planning, scheduling, and pricing online advertising.  I am interested in new models, new insights, and new applications, as well as new theory and efficient algorithms for solving such problems.

I teach management science and revenue management, and integrate real-world examples from advertising and other industries into the classroom.

Some highlights from my research (see my Research page for links to publications):

  • How to effectively schedule ads into console-based 3D video games
  • A modeling paradigm for a broad class of display advertising, called Guaranteed Targeted Display Advertising
  • An efficient duality-based algorithm for planning Guaranteed Targeted Display Advertising

More broadly, my interests include media management, revenue management, applied optimization, large-scale optimization and decomposition techniques, and problems that lie at the interface of operations and marketing.

You can find my official faculty website at: http://merage.uci.edu/go/jturner.