Curriculum Vitae: OlsonV_CV2018 short

Selected Publications

2018. Olson, V.A. Into the Extreme: U.S. Environmental Systems and Politics Beyond Earth. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

2015.  Olson, V.A. and Messeri, L. R.  “Beyond the Anthropocene: UnEarthing an Epoch.” Environment and Society: Advances in Research. 6: 28–47

2015  Battaglia, D., D. Valentine, and V. A. Olson.  “Relational Space: An Earthly Installation.”  Cultural Anthropology. 30(2), 245 – 256.

2013   Olson, V.A. “NEOspace:  the Solar System’s Emerging Environmental History and Politics.”  In Jørgenson, F.A., D. Jørgensen and S. Pritchard eds., New Natures: Joining Environmental History with Science and Technology Studies.  Pp. 195 – 211 Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

2012    Olson, V.A. “Political Ecology in the Extreme: Asteroid Activism and the Making of an Environmental Solar System.” Anthropological Quarterly, 85(4), 1027-1044.

2012    Valentine, D., V. A. Olson, and D. Battaglia.  “Extreme: Limits and Horizons of the Once and Future Cosmos.” Anthropological Quarterly, 85(4), 1007-1026.

2010    Olson, V.A. “The Ecobiopolitics of Space Biomedicine.”  Medical Anthropology, 29(2), 170- 193.