Mobile Money

Other Mobile Money Articles
(non-peer reviewed; see Selected Publications for journal articles on mobile money and digital currencies)

Lana Swartz and Bill Maurer, The Future of Money-Like Things. The Atlantic, May 22, 2014.

Bill Maurer and Steven Rea, Guest blog entries for Credit Slips: A Discussion on Credit, Finance and Bankruptcy. Four guest blogs on “cashlessness”: Platform, Infrastructure, Utility?; Cash as Social Infrastructure; Cash: Killing it or Buildiing Bridges to it?; Toward Cashlessness? April, 2012.

The Queue: Payment Platforms Lining Up. iHub Research Newsletter, Nairobi. Q2, 2012.

How can you ‘see’ money moving? Charisma – Consumer Market Studies, January 14, 2012.

Tips for 2012: Understanding Payment Behavior of African Households – A Vast and Untapped Market
by Jake Kendall and Bill Maurer., February 10, 2012.

Mobile money regulation: A story arc of best practices and emerging realizations, USAID/Microlinks Note From the Field, December, 2011.

Money goes mobile. With Tatyana Mahmut and Leslie Witt. IDEO Pattern, 2011.

Mobile money’s innovation crisis. With Olga Morawczynski. CGAP Technology blog, August, 2010.

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