Join the Lab

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student, please contact the PI. Candidates will be considered based on prior research experience and a solid foundation in neuroscience, psychology and mathematics. In particular, experience with programming  (e.g. MATLAB, C++, Python, UNIX) is desirable. Experience with functional and/or structural neuroimaging methods is a plus but is not necessary.

Students are admitted to the lab exclusively through the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP) at UCI.

More information about applying to the graduate program. Deadline is in December of every year

For additional information or questions contact the INP program administrator:

Mr. Gary R. Roman
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program
Natural Sciences ll, 4145
Irvine, California 92697-3915
Tel: 949-824-6226

Postdoctoral Fellowship

If you are interested in postdoctoral work, please email current CV and cover letter to Dr. Yassa.

Bio 199 Undergraduate Research Assistantship

Undergraduates in neurobiology or a related discipline can complete Bio 199 research in the lab. Admission to these limited spots is competitive. To inquire about undergraduate assistantship and Bio 199 research please send resume and cover letter to Ms. Liz Murray.

Full-time Positions

No full-time positions are available at this time.