Parking Information

Parking Permits

Study Participants

We provide parking passes for study participants. In your appointment letter or email there will be information on your parking pass. In most cases, one of our staff members will await your arrival at Parking Lot 7 to provide a parking permit hang tag. Please do not park in Lot 7 without a permit as this constitutes a violation of UCI’s parking regulations and will result in citation.

Lab Visitors

Please stop by the Mesa Parking Structure (on Mesa Rd. on the other side of West Peltason Dr.) and purchase a parking permit first before you follow the instructions below. Make sure to request a RESERVED permit not a GENERAL permit.

Parking Directions

Parking Lot 7 is the closest surface parking lot to the CNLM and allows easy access to the Center through the back entrance (by the loading dock). There is also a ramp that is wheelchair accessible.

When you turn on Mesa Rd and proceed all the way to the end, you will find two parking lots, an upper lot (usually full) and a lower lot (can get busy but there’s always room). You can park in either lot as long as you make sure that the spot is not reserved for service vehicles (will be clearly marked). The spots available will all be marked “RESERVED” or “AR RESERVED”. Once you park, give the lab a call and we will send someone out with a parking pass who will also escort you into the building.