Current Students

I currently advise several Doctoral, Masters, and Undergraduate students. Below I highlight the research of three doctoral students in our group.

Abhery Das

Abhery’s research examines causes of the rise since 2000 in the US suicide rate. She holds a particular interest in understanding the extent to which increasing access to means of suicide completion relates to the overall suicide rate, especially among those that result from impulsive acts.

Samantha Gailey

Sam holds a keen interest in identifying how perceptions and experiences of the natural environment affect human psychology and health. As a student in Social Ecology, Sam has taken on several research projects examining the health consequences of exposure to adverse environments.

Parvati Singh

Parvati spends most of her research time examining external causes of help-seeking behavior for mental health care. These external causes include the Great Recession as well as large shifts in mental health policy. Parvati has also published other papers on external shocks to health (e.g., the terrorist attacks of 9/11). In addition to mental health, she is interested in impact evaluations of cash transfers towards health outcomes, and theories of in utero selection. Her non-academic interests include impressionist art, classical Indian dance and swimming.