UC Irvine

Undergraduate Courses
EarthSS 51 Land Interaction 

In this course, students explore the role of terrestrial processes in the Earth system. Lectures provide an introduction to soils, plants, and ecosystems, and the processes that regulate the cycling of energy, water, carbon, and nutrients.
Discussion sections offer hands-on opportunities to learn about current methods in soil science and terrestrial ecology,  sample collection, and data analysis.
On half- and full-day field trips students explore California’s Mediterranean and montane ecosystems, and learn about their natural history, and the challenges they face with climate change and urbanization.

Graduate Courses
EarthSS 226 Land Surface Processes 

This class offers students a mechanistic perspective of the structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, and how it interacts with other components of the Earth System, such as the atmosphere. In lectures, student presentations, and a multi-day field trip, students explore how plants and soils modify the energy budget of the land surface, and contribute to the cycling of carbon, nutrients, and water.