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In-situ TA Training



One of the goals of our HHMI-UCI Professor program was to train graduate students to teach using interactive methods of instruction that have been shown to enhance undergraduate student learning. These methods are presented while the graduate student is concurrently teaching small discussion sections associated with the large lectures. Our in situ TA Training consists of four hours of training before the quarter begins plus a weekly one-hour meeting during the term. The course faculty support the TAs by providing an experienced Head TA and by visiting and evaluating TAs in discussion.


Training Materials for Faculty

These resources are designed to be administered by any faculty member or Head TA who is familiar with the course material and is supportive of active learning techniques. Pick a link below to get resources.


Support for Individual TAs

Not all courses have instructors who are able to train their TAs. We have also developed tools that can be used by independent TAs to improve their communication with the instructor and improve the learning of their students. Check out these Teaching and activity resources.