Shayan Doroudi Headshot

Shayan Doroudi
Assistant Professor
School of Education
University of California, Irvine

I am broadly interested in what I call

the foundations of learning about learning
and how they relate to
the design of socio-technical systems that improve learning.


Let’s break that up…

learning about learning
can come in a number of forms:

    • A researcher learning about how people learn (i.e., learning sciences)
    • A machine learning algorithm that makes inferences about how people learn (i.e., student modeling)
    • A teacher drawing insights about how students in their classroom are learning (e.g., via learning analytics)

foundations refer to the philosophical, historical, sociological, ethical, and critical perspectives that underlie a field

…so foundations of learning about learning can include studying:

    • the equitability of student modeling and learning analytics algorithms [see this paper]
    • the history of the development of learning theories in the learning sciences and artificial intelligence [in progress]
    • how beliefs about learning and knowledge influence different approaches to learning sciences research [in progress]
    • the epistemologies and beliefs that underlie student models [in progress]
    • the theoretical limits of student modeling [see this paper]

this interrelates with my interest in the design of socio-technical systems that improve learning, which includes designing algorithms and technologies that:

    • combine insights from people (e.g., students, teachers, researchers) and machines [see my thesis]
    • are equitable
    • are informed by critical perspectives on (human and machine) learning
    • are informed by the history of educational technology

If you are interested in any of these areas, feel free to contact me at [mylastname]s@uci.edu!