Current Research Projects

Uncertain Risk and Stressful Future: A National Study of the COVID-2019 Outbreak in the U.S.  This study examines the psychological response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a a nationally representative sample of U. S. adults (with Drs. E. Alison Holman, and Roxane Cohen Silver).

Mindfulness-based Intervention to Address PTSD in Trauma-exposed, Homeless Women. This mixed methods project takes a biopsychosocial approach to understanding the experience of trauma in unhoused women and how community-based, mindfulness interventions might help alleviating adverse traumatic stress symptoms and associated problems (e.g., substance use, depression).

Longitudinal Study of American’s Reactions to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Dr. Garfin also helps direct a National Science Foundation funded longitudinal study of American’s reactions to collective trauma, starting with the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings (with Drs. E. Alison Holman, and Roxane Cohen Silver).

Longitudinal Responses to Hurricanes. This project explores how individuals respond to repeated exposure to hurricanes, in samples of residents of Texas, Florida, and New York, starting in the 60 hours prior to Hurricane Irma in 2017 (with Drs. E. Alison Holman, Roxane Cohen Silver, & Gabrielle Wong-Parodi ).

Comparative Health Assessment Interview (CHAI). This study, conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs, surveyed 15,000 veterans and more than 4,600 civilians and explores a variety of outcomes including physical and mental health, vocation or occupation and social relationships. Click here for more information.

Nurse-Led Community Health Worker Adherence Model in 3HP Delivery among Homeless Adults at Risk for TB Infection and HIV. This project uses nurses and community health workers to help increase TB completion, improve mental health, and improve social determinants of TB risk such as unstable housing and poor healthcare access (with Drs. Adeline M. Nyamathi & Sanghyuk S. Shin).