Research Projects

We are conducting the following research projects:

  • Perception in acoustic and electric hearing
  • Mechanisms and treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis (in collaboration with Hamid Djalilian and Harrison Lin)
  • Towards a nicotine therapy for age-related hearing disorders (in collaboration with Raju Metherate, Khaleel Razak and Michael Silver)
  • Integrative Functions of the Planum Temporale (in collaboration with Greg Hickok, Kourosh Saberi and John Middlebrooks)
  • Technology development for deep and focal non-invasive neuromodulation

You may be required to perform the following confidential Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Surveys in order to participate in our research:

Research Highlights:


Voltage waveform of round window stimulation in a human subject (stimulus=1000-Hz, 100-microSeconds/phase, biphasic pulses; Zeng© 2015). This waveform is similar to that in a typical cochlear implant, which is not accessible except to a few engineers (e.g., those working at Advanced Bionics) who can sample the entire waveform and use back telemetry to transmit it to outside world.