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Potential 2020 graduate students

I am not looking to take students in the next round of graduate recruiting, simply because my lab is full. I have a lot of colleagues working in computational cognitive science, so I hope potential graduate students will apply to our program. I’d be happy to meet with anybody with shared interests during our graduate recruitment visit in February.

Maime Guan defends her thesis

Congratulations to Maime for the successful defense of her thesis “A Cognitive Modeling Analysis of Risk in Sequential Choice Tasks.” She’s now off to climb Kilimanjaro, before starting with Apple to work on Siri.

New student paper

Congratulations to Holly Westfall on the acceptance of: Dube, C., Tong, K., Westfall, H., & Bauer, E. (in press). Ensemble coding of memory strength in recognition tests. Memory & Cognition.

Graduate Student Opening

I am keen to recruit a grad student interested in modeling strategic decision making, including the wisdom of the crowd, emphasizing naturally occurring data and real-world problems. Feel free to email me to discuss. Apply here.