Dr. Josh Grill and Zach Reagh

Dr. Josh Grill,  Zach Reagh

Congratulations to our 4th year graduate student Zach Reagh for a 1st place-winning poster at UCI MIND’s ReMIND Emerging Scientists Symposium in February.

ReMIND (Research and Education in Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders) is a student led club affiliated with UCI MIND that was created to support the next generation of young scientists studying neurological disorders. This year’s symposium was the 7th annual.

For more information about ReMIND please click here. 


Selective vulnerability of memory for objects vs. locations in older adultsReagh_ReMIND

Though general memory decline is a hallmark symptom of aging, recent studies suggest that the neural pathways supporting memory for items is more vulnerable than those supporting memory for space or context. Here, we report evidence for behavioral consequences of this selective vulnerability: compared to young adults, memory for details about objects is impaired, but spatial memory is relatively intact. Our next steps are to combine this multi-domain memory task with high-resolution brain imaging to better understand memory decline the aging brain.
Photo credit: Wes Koseki, Ayala School of Biological Sciences