Anna Smith

Jr. Research Specialist
Office: 1415 Biological Sciences III
Phone: (949) 824-5049


Anna Smith graduated with a B.A. in Cognitive Science from Carleton College, where she worked with Dr. Kathleen Galotti on profiling individuals’ epistemological styles and studying how attitudes towards thinking and learning guide activity preferences. In the summer of 2016,  Anna joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael Yassa at UC Irvine and now works as a junior researcher and imaging technician in studies of memory performance trajectories associated with healthy and disordered aging. She is particularly interested in how episodic memory informs future-directed cognition for action, with attention paid to how the body constrains behavior. She has found continuous support for her love of scientific writing and communication through serving as a symposium reporter for the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and enjoys translating science to the public through her positions as a neuroscience youth program instructor at UCI and Duke University.



I’m known to the 3D Printing center as the “Brain Girl,” because I’ve printed so many of my labmates’ MRI scans. Based on this Instructables article, I made an even more comprehensive step-by-step resource here: 3DPrintBrain

Awards and Honors

2017     Alternate Finalist to Norway, The Fulbright Program
2017     Associate Member, Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Honor Society
2016    Kolenkow-Reitz Fellowship, Carleton College


  • Galotti, Kathleen M., Schneekloth, Michael J., Smith, Anna P., Bou Mansour, Carl, & Nixon, Andrea Lisa (2018). Ways of Knowing and Appraisal of Intellectual Activities. American Journal of Psychology.