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Erin Ballard– pic and bio coming soon!

Will Cabanela
My name is Will, and I am a third year Neurobiology and Behavior major! Some hobbies of mine include longboarding (but I fall a lot), playing piano (my neighbors hate me), camping (I don’t get lost anymore), cooking (no one likes my food), and learning (I’m a nerd)! However, my interests involve science, medicine, and teaching. Currently, my goals include pursuing psychiatry, educating people about mental health, and being a spearhead in advancing our understanding of the profound world of neuroscience. I believe that being a student under UCI’s neurobiology department, tutoring and mentoring, and being a part of this lab will give me the foundation I need to reach these goals!

Stephanie Doering

I am a 4th year double major in Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Informatics. I’m interested in a wide range of neuroscience topics including neurodegenerative diseases and episodic memory. I am currently researching pattern separation/completion, trying my hand at hierarchical Bayesian cognitive modeling of behavioral data, and assisting in MRI studies. On campus, I am also a RA for the Memory and Decision Making Lab (MADLAB) and President of Nu Rho Psi @ UCI. On the off chance that I am not in lab, you may find me playing soccer/basketball, reading, or coding.




Saum Naderi
I am a third year Psychology (Cognitive Sciences) major and Biological Sciences Minor. My research interests include using neuroimaging techniques to better understand the neural mechanisms at play in different neurological disorders. I am also interested in studying the multiple sensory systems that give rise to our sense of perception of the world around us. I enjoy spending my free time outside with friends, usually playing sports or spending the day at the beach. I love traveling to new places and trying new things. I’m also a big soccer fan and Real Madrid is my favorite team!


Nazek Queder
I’m a first year transfer student at UCI majoring in psychology. I’m specifically interested in the brain anatomy, memory, and how the neurons activities are being translated to senses and daily behaviors. My goal is to get my PHD in neuroscience. Besides research, I love photography, and I enjoy drawing and painting. A fun fact about me: I believe that we’re not the only ones in the universe.



Lea Stith
My name is Lea and I am a 1st year Cognitive Psychology major and Biological Sciences minor. On campus, I am involved in the American Medical Student Association and am a member of the figure skating team. When I’m not in class, at the lab, or on the ice, I enjoy reading books about neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, (pretty much anything science-y, dappled with some good fiction), writing, yoga, traveling, and learning about new cultures and languages. I am trilingual, and in addition to English, I speak Croatian and French!

Rachon Sweiss
My name is Rachon, I am a third year majoring in Biology and Psychology. When I’m not in class or attempting to uncover conspiracy theories, you can find me reading up on the biological processes behind what makes humans so weird. I also run a literacy awareness and creative writing outreach program that brings together experienced writers and new writers from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings, in an attempt to tackle the persistent issue of illiteracy in a fun yet meaningful way.


Rebecca Wilder– pic and bio coming soon!

Edge Yu– pic and bio coming soon!

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