Data-driven Security and Privacy (DSP) Lab

PI: Zhou (Joe) Li

PhD Students Advised at UC Irvine

Yicheng Zhang, co-advised with Prof. Al Faruque (2018-)

Joann Chen (2019-)

Jiacen Xu (2020-)

Qifan Zhang (2020-)

PhD Visitors Advised at UC Irvine

Fenghao Xu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019)

Shuaike Dong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019)

Deliang Chang, Tsinghua University (2019)

MS Students Advised at UC Irvine

Ali Nickparsa (2018-2019) Suprith Ramanan (2018-2019) Hao Chen (2019-2020) Qing Huang (2019-2020)

Undergraduate Students Advised at UC Irvine


Caleb Siu-Yat Chan (2019-2020)

Kendus Tisdale-Jeffries, Alabama A&M (2019 summer)
Qing Huang (2019) Xuchang Zhan (2019-2020)
Yinqian Cui, UCInspire (2020) Xinchen Zhang, UCInspire (2020) Yao Fu, UCInspire (2020) Ameer Hussain (2020)

High-school Students Advised at UC Irvine

Rahil Shah, Troy Tech (2019) Katrina Mizuo, Troy Tech (2020)

Research funded by:

1. UCI SSoE MERI seed funds “Cross-Domain and Cross-Layer Safety and Security for Internet of Connected Autonomous Vehicles”. Co-PI. 2020-2021.
NSF funds “EAGER: SaTC-EDU: Multi-Level Attack and Defense Simulation Environment for Artificial Intelligence Education and Research”. PI. 2020-2022.
3. DARPA grants “Making Intelligible Decompiled Source by Imposing Homomorphic Transforms (MINDSIGHT)”. Sub-contracted from Siemens. UCI Co-PI (PI: Prof. Al Faruque). 2020-2023.

Clipart Images under CC BY-NC-ND