Postdoctoral Associates

Matthias Göhl


Matthias was born and raised in Franconian Switzerland, which is apparently in Germany. He wanted to include a link to the google page (here you go), to try to convince everyone to visit. Since his early days, Matthias has always had a fascination with beetles and what makes them tick, so he applied to the Seifert and Schobert laboratories at the University of Bayreuth to conduct undergraduate research. There, he investigated the alkaloids found within his precious beetles. After a while, Matthias realized that beetles are creepy and began investigating drimane derived meroterpenes instead. Matthias joined the Vanderwal group as a postdoctoral researcher in 2017, and has made it his mission to bring beakers back into style.

Matthias enjoys 1,4-additions more than anything else in the world. Go ahead, ask him.

Vincenzo Ramella