Undergraduate Students

Class of 2019

Sierra Nguyen

Sierra was born in Arcadia and raised in Corona, California. After a long, disappointing childhood of not finding any wild penguins in southern California she decided to pursue her undergraduate degree in chemistry at UC Irvine. Coming from a family of chemists she couldn’t resist her innate urge to become involved in research. We were initially hesitant to let Sierra join the lab due to her lack of knowledge of Will Smith songs, but then we found out that her advanced skills in martial arts qualifies her as a lethal weapon when boarding a plane. For the safety of the lab members, we let her join. Sierra is interested in natural product synthesis but rather enjoys shining light on things in hopes of making more biologically active analogues. Sierra also loves to talk, so much so that she will try and finish your sentences for you, all the time, we are considering getting a spray bottle.

Editor’s note: Sierra has been slacking with the baked good production.