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News and Views: Ground Zero in Alzheimer’s Disease, Nature Neuroscience

Our News and Views piece covering the fantastic work by Khan and colleagues in Nature Neuroscience is out in the current issue.

Abstract: New findings in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease patients and mouse models of the disease suggest that it is the lateral, rather than the medial, entorhinal cortex that is most susceptible to tau pathology early in Alzheimer’s disease. Aberrations begin here and spread to other cortical sites. Read the full News and Views here | Original paper


Caffeine stimulates memory consolidation: a possible BDNF link

Serra Favila and Brice Kuhl write in Nature Neuroscience News and Views about a possible link between caffeine’s enhancement of memory consolidation and a BDNF-mediated mechanism. Very nice summary and review of our paper. Read their N&V piece here.


This is your brain on coffee!

brain_on_coffeeFor lovers of latte art. Enjoy! Thanks to the awesome Michael Richardson of Kéan Coffee in Newport Beach for the latte art, to my wife Manuella Yassa for photography and Craig Stark for editing and post-processing. Framing this one for the lab to celebrate the caffeine paper 🙂

New paper: Post-study caffeine administration enhances memory consolidation in humans – Nature Neuroscience

Our latest work has just been published in Nature Neuroscience. Advance online publication here. Congratulations to Daniel Borota, Liz Murray, Allen Chang, Gizem Keceli, Maria Ly, Joe Watabe and John Toscano for their hard work and collaborative spirit that made this work possible. Read more here.