Biological Sciences 3


Bio 93: From DNA to Organisms (Fall quarter).

Bio 93 is UCI’s introduction to Biology and the first course that Biological science Majors will take.  It covers most fundamental aspects of biology, from biochemistry through to cellular structures and function, with a heavy focus on DNA and how our instructions are written in our DNA code and how they are converted into living functional cells and organisms.  Finally, Bio 93 teaches how certain systems come together at the molecular level to give rise to life (development), and to our thoughts and memories and control of our bodies (the brain). Bio 93 is team taught, and Dr. Green co-teaches Sections C, D and E with Drs. Wood and Busciglio.


Bio 37: Brain Dysfunction and Repair (Spring Quarter).

Bio 37 is aimed at non-Biological science Majors with an interest in understanding how the brain works and how it controls our bodies and gives rise to our thoughts, emotions and memories, and how it goes awry in disease. Bio 37 requires no prior biology knowledge and will cover how the cells that make up our brains function together, and how the brain is impacted in a number of brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Down Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, Frontotemporal Dementias, and damage due to injury to specific brain regions.


N150: Brain Dysfunction (Spring Quarter).

N150 is for Biological science Majors who have completed N110 as a prerequisite. It covers how various disorders and diseases affect our brains at the cellular, molecular and physiological levels, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Fronto-temporal dementias.  The course involves discussion on the various methods and technologies we utilise to study neurodegenerative diseases and injuries, as well as current and future therapeutic strategies.