Lindsay Hohsfield, Ph.D.


Lindsay graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2007 with a BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. She then received an NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA and worked in the TSE/Prion Cell Biology Section at the NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories until 2009. Following this, Lindsay was awarded a Fulbright grant to pursue Alzheimer’s research in Austria. She stayed on to continue her research and graduated from the Medical University of Innsbruck in 2014 with a PhD in Neuroscience. At UC Irvine, Lindsay will continue her work on Alzheimer’s disease trying to better understand how the immune system plays a role in neurodegenerative diseases. Lindsay’s hobbies include climbing, hiking, drawing, cuddling with her cute Husky Kaia, and speaking with an Austrian accent.



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