Dr. Zhao is dedicated to the development of next generation scientists and bioengineers to work at the forefront of regenerative medicine and diagnostics. We take the professional development of the personnel in the laboratory very seriously and do everything we can to ensure such experience serves as a pivotal stepping stone for everyone to become a world leader in the field. In particular, lab members will be provided with enormous opportunities including committed mentorship, research training, professional developments, and presentations in conferences, etc.

Dr. Zhao was recently interviewed by the New York Times. Click here to read the article.

To get a better idea of what the Zhao Lab offers, read this article on page 3 of the University of Waterloo Co-op Newsletter.

2017 Youth Science Fellowship Program. High school students conduct cancer research in the Zhao lab for 6 weeks during the summer.

Dr. Zhao also collaborates with outreach programs such as the PVJOBS Positive Pathways Program.  At-risk youths from PVJOBS visit the zhao lab for the afternoon and are exposed to the most current scientific innovations in an exciting laboratory environment.


PVJOBS Positive Pathways Program participants and mentors with members of the Zhao lab.  Depicted here from zhao lab, Dongku, Milad, Dr. Zhao.  From PVJOBS, Andrea, Narciso, Eduardo, Sabrina, and Antonio.