I teach at the University of California, Irvine, where I’m currently Chair of the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science. I grew up in Austria and  received my doctorate in philosophy from the University of Salzburg in 2006. Before joining UC Irvine in 2008, I spent two years as a postdoc at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research near Vienna. I am a co-editor of The Review of Symbolic Logic. For more information see my CV.


I’m interested in game and decision theory, philosophy of science, the foundations of probability, the theory of measurement, and the philosophy of biology.

My book The Probabilistic Foundations of Rational Learning was published in 2017.

Here you can download many of my publications:

Bradley Conditionals and Dynamic ChoiceSynthese (forthcoming; with Gerard Rothfus)

Signals Without Teleology, Studies in History and Philosophy Science Part C (forthcoming; with Carl Bergstrom and Kevin Zollman)

Structural Stability in Causal Decision Theory, Erkenntnis (forthcoming; with Greg Lauro)

Communication Without Common Interest: A Signaling Experiment, Studies in History and Philosophy Science Part C (forthcoming; with Hannah Rubin, Justin Bruner, and Cailin O’Connor)

Generalized Learning and Conditional ExpectationPhilosophy of Science (forthcoming; with Michael Nielsen)

Quantum Randomness and UnderdeterminationPhilosophy of Science 87: 391-408 (2020; with Jeff Barrett)

Invariance and Symmetry in Evolutionary Dynamics, American Philosophical Quarterly (forthcoming; with Hannah Rubin and Kevin Zollman)

Analogical Predictive ProbabilitiesMind 128: 1-37 (2019)

David Lewis in the Lab: Experimental Results on the Emergence of MeaningSynthese 195: 603-621 (2018; with J. Bruner, C. O’Connor and H. Rubin)

Inductive Learning in Small and Large WorldsPhilosophy and Phenomenological Research 95: 90-116 (2017)

The Robustness of Hybrid Equilibria in Costly Signaling GamesDynamic Games and Applications 6: 347-358 (2016; with K. Zollman)

Cliff Edge Model of Obstetric Selection in Humans, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 113: 14680-14685 (2016; with P. Mitteroecker, B. Fischer, M. Pavlicev)

Merging of Opinions and Probability Kinematics, Review of Symbolic Logic 8: 611-648 (2015)

Bayesian Convergence to the Truth and the Metaphysics of Possible WorldsPhilosophy of Science 82: 587–601 (2015)

The Handicap Principle is an ArtifactPhilosophy of Science 82:997-1009 (2015; with J. Bruner and K. Zollman)

Selection-Mutation Dynamics of Signaling GamesGames 6:2-31 (2015; with J. Hofbauer)

Learning Experiences and the Value of KnowledgePhilosophical Studies 171:279-288 (2014)

Some Dynamics of Signaling Games, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111:10873–10880 (2014; with B. Skyrms, E. Wagner, and P. Tarrés)

Probe and Adjust in Information Transfer GamesErkenntnis 79: 835–853 (2014; with B. Skyrms and K. Zollman)

In Defense of ReflectionPhilosophy of Science 80: 413-433 (2013)

Between Cheap and Costly Signals: The Evolution of Partially Honest Communication,  Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 280: 20121878 (2013; with K. Zollman and C. Bergstrom)

Methodology in Biological Game TheoryThe British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 64:637-658 (2013; with K. Zollman)

Evolution, Dynamics, and Rationality: The Limits of ESS Methodology. In: Evolution and Rationality: Decisions, Co-operation, and Strategic Behaviour, edited by Ken Binmore and Samir Okasha. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, pp. 67-83 (2012; with K. Zollman)

Invariance and Meaningfulness in Phenotype SpacesEvolutionary Biology 38: 335-351(2011; with P. Mitteroecker)

Efficient Social Contracts and Group SelectionBiology and Philosophy 26: 517-531(2011; with R. Smead)

Dynamic Stability and Basins of Attraction in the Sir Philip Sidney Game,  Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 277: 1915-1922 (2010; with K. Zollman)

Generic Properties of Evolutionary Games and AdaptationismThe Journal of Philosophy 107: 80-102 (2010)

Evolutionary Dynamics of Lewis Signaling GamesSynthese 172: 177-191 (2010; with B. Skyrms, R. Smead, K. Zollman)

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Emergence of Information Transfer by Inductive LearningStudia Logica 89: 237-256 (2008; with B. Skyrms)

Evolutionary Explanations of Indicatives and ImperativesErkenntnis 66: 409-436 (2007)

Evolution and the Explanation of MeaningPhilosophy of Science 74: 1-27 (2007)



Undergraduate level: I teach classes on logic, inductive logic,  Bayesian epistemology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of economics, decision theory, set theory, and evolutionary game theory.

Master level: I teach in the core sequence of UCI’s MA program in PPE (Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics).

Graduate Level: I have taught graduate seminars on topics in game theory, chance, probability and randomness, Carnap’s inductive logic, the philosophy of probability, and philosophy of economics.